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church wasn't meant to be boring


The days of falling asleep in church are over. Here at Swell, we’re intentional about making praising God FUN - The way He intended it to be!

Heaven@7 services take place on Sundays at 7pm. Youth services are happening every Friday at 7pm for students ages 13 and up. Come discover what you have been looking for. Make new friends, enjoy incredible music, and discover your God-given purpose.

Welcome to the Party. We can’t wait to meet you!

Please check out our Facebook page for frequent updates.



Spark meets every Saturday and is for students ages 13+. Come enjoy games, fellowship, and a party for Jesus like none other. 

Ryan Eutsey


Leaving behind his childhood dreams in Virginia Beach, Ryan returned to Somerset County to fulfill his call in planting and establishing Swell Ministries. He believes that the next generation is going to revive and reignite the Church on a scale never before seen.

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